US Grappling Virginia Beach


All competitors will receive a free T-shirt.

Adult Weigh In Schedule
Friday night, 6-7 PM
Saturday morning, 8-9:30 AM (for competitors in adult no gi divisions)
Saturday morning, 8 AM – Noon (for competitors in adult gi divisions)

Juvenile Weigh In Schedule
Friday night, 6-7 PM
Saturday from 8 AM to 9 AM for no gi divisions
Saturday from 8 AM to 11:00 AM for gi divisions

Tentative Event Schedule

Juvenile Divisions
8 AM: Weigh Ins and Registration open
9:00 AM: Weigh Ins for all No Gi Divisions close
10:30 AM: Rules Meeting
10:45 AM: Juvenile No Gi Divisions
11:00 AM Weigh Ins for all Gi Divisions Close
1:30 PM: Juvenile Gi Divisions

Adult Divisions
8 AM: Weigh Ins and Registration open
9:30 AM: Weigh Ins for all No Gi Divisions close
10:45 AM: Rules Meeting
12:00 PM Weigh Ins for all Adult Gi Divisions Close

Division Order:
A more detailed schedule will be published closer to the event.
Men’s Advanced No Gi
Women’s Advanced No Gi
30+ Advanced No Gi
Women’s Intermediate No Gi
30+ Intermediate No Gi
Men’s Intermediate No Gi
Women’s Beginner No Gi
30+ Beginner No Gi
Men’s Beginner No Gi
Men’s Novice No Gi
Men’s Black Belt
Women’s Black Belt
30+ Black Belt
Women’s Brown Belt
Women’s Purple Belt
Women’s Blue Belt
Women’s White Belt
Men’s Brown Belt
30+ Brown Belt
30+ Purple Belt
Men’s Purple Belt
30+ Blue Belt
Men’s Blue Belt
30+ White Belt
Men’s White Belt

All absolute divisions will be held at the end of the weight classes for that division. When all Men’s Intermediate weight class brackets have ended, the Men’s Intermediate Absolute division can begin.

Early Registration
Through Friday, March 9, 2018

Register for 1-2 Adult Divisions – $75

Register for 3-4 Adult Divisions – $100

Register for Juvenile Divisions – $75

Event Week Registration

Adult 1-2 Divisions – $100

Adult 3-4 Divisions – $125

Juvenile Registration – $100

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Virginia Beach Field House
2020 Landstown Centre Way
Virginia Beach, VA

Black Belt Competition Info
Find out how BJJ black belts can compete free!