US Grappling Changes for 2015 – Rules, Pricing, and Black Belts Competing for Free!

US Grappling is happy to announce the following rules changes for our 2015 season. As always, you can visit for a complete list of our rules.


  1. All adult competitors will need a photo ID when weighing in.
  2. All competitors must pick a single age class for competition – men over 30 can enter the men’s divisions or the 30+ men’s divisions, but not both. Juveniles that are between the ages of 13 and 17 will need to compete in either the juvenile divisions or the adult divisions.
  3. All competitors competing in no gi divisions must wear a rash guard or tight-fitting shirt.


After doing some research on the number of divisions that most competitors actually enter, we are also changing our pricing structure.  Now, 1 or 2 divisions will be the same price, and 3 or 4 divisions will be the same price.

Pre-registration prices are:
1 or 2 divisions:  $75
3 or 4 divisions:  $100

If you register after the pre-registration deadline, prices are:
1 or 2 divisions:  $100
3 or 4 divisions:  $125

Finally, we are happy to extend our offer of free competition to any Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt that is competing in a gi division (men, women, or 30+ men)!  If you are a BJJ black belt, you will need to contact, and we will provide a coupon code that is good for you throughout 2015.  You will need to register online in advance of the events to take advantage of the free registration offer.
You can find our upcoming event schedule at  More events for 2015 will be announced soon.  See everyone on the mats!