Our Partnership with Smoothcomp

Beginning with our October 5, 2019 event at the Boo Williams Sportsplex in Hampton, VA, registration at US Grappling events will be handled by Smoothcomp.

US Grappling events will now be pre-registration only. All competitors will need to register online through Smoothcomp by the Tuesday before the event.

With Smoothcomp, we’ll be introducing electronic scoreboards, online registration lists and brackets, and even faster publishing of results.

Through your Smoothcomp account you’ll have more control over your registration and the ability to see registration lists and brackets when they are published. If you need to change or cancel your registration, you’ll be able to do that from your Smoothcomp account.

During the event you’ll be able to see your mat assignments and start times through your phone or on displays in the gym.

We are also discontinuing Madison bracketing for Juvenile divisions. Instead we will start from age and weight classes many competitors will already recognize, and combine them as necessary to create safe and fair divisions.

We’re constantly listening to your feedback and trying to improve your experience at US Grappling. Improved online registration and electronic scoring have been some of the most frequent requests. More improvements are on the way.