Brian Linzy

Stats from Sub Only Va Beach Sept 2017

Here’s a little info from the adult matches at our Submission Only event in Virginia Beach last weekend: Fastest match was a 19 second armbar in the women’s white belt division. Average match time for the entire event was 9 minutes and 27 seconds. Average no gi match time for […]

Attention Male Competitors Over 30

In the interest of making events run as efficiently as possible for all competitors, we have decided to limit men over thirty from entering the 30+ divisions and the men’s divisions.  As of January 1, 2014, men over thirty will be permitted to enter up to 4 divisions, but they […]

30+ Time Limits

After reviewing feedback from competitors US Grappling is pleased to announce that all 30+ divisions will use the same time limits as adult divisions, beginning in 2014. Time limits will be as follows: No Gi Divisions Beginner – 4 minutes Intermediate – 5 minutes Advanced – 6 minutes Gi Divisions […]

Changes Coming to the Diamond State Games

We’re gearing up for the Diamond State Games on Saturday, June 11, 2011, and you’ll notice a few changes to the event this year. First, we’re changing venues. This year the Diamond State Games will take place at United Sports in Downingtown, PA. Yes, we’re aware that’s in the Keystone […]