Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belts Compete Free in the Gi!

US Grappling is pleased to extend our free registration for all Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belts (men, women, or 30+ divisions) through all of our 2017 events!       The fine print: 1)  You must have a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. 2)  You must enter gi divisions […]

Black Belt Competition Info

US Grappling Changes for 2015 – Rules, Pricing, and Black Belts Competing for Free!

US Grappling is happy to announce the following rules changes for our 2015 season. As always, you can visit for a complete list of our rules.   All adult competitors will need a photo ID when weighing in. All competitors must pick a single age class for competition – […]

Attention Male Competitors Over 30

In the interest of making events run as efficiently as possible for all competitors, we have decided to limit men over thirty from entering the 30+ divisions and the men’s divisions.  As of January 1, 2014, men over thirty will be permitted to enter up to 4 divisions, but they […]

30+ Time Limits

After reviewing feedback from competitors US Grappling is pleased to announce that all 30+ divisions will use the same time limits as adult divisions, beginning in 2014. Time limits will be as follows: No Gi Divisions Beginner – 4 minutes Intermediate – 5 minutes Advanced – 6 minutes Gi Divisions […]

(Almost) Everything You Need to Know Before Your First Competition

By Timothy McNamara Weight Cutting: Two days before a tournament is not the time to decide you will experiment with weight cutting. Weight cutting is a process. Weight cutting takes practice. Weight cutting often has side effects on physical performance: particularly for those unaccustomed to the process, the various methods, […]

Three Reasons BJJ Doesn’t Need Time Limits (Submission Only Matches)

There are usually three main arguments used against Submission Only matches.  First, people argue that Sub Only builds bad habits for MMA or self defense.  Second, people say that you’ll be here all day.  I call this the “Chicken Little” argument.  Finally, people argue that takedowns and other fundamental BJJ […]